The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies


The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies (SICS for short) was founded in March 2018 by three college friends—Bill, Jordan, and Amy—who all love the Cosmere. The podcast is livestreamed every other Monday night and released in audio and video formats the following Wednesday. In these family-friendly discussions, they talk about characters, analyze plot arcs, theorize on the future of the Cosmere, and parse through the details that make the series so immersive.

In addition to SICS, Bill also co-hosts a second podcast called The Innkeeper’s Table, discussing the many facets of board games. He also enjoys cooking, video games, writing, and rewatching Frasier for the [mumble]th time.

Jordan is an avid Super Smash Bros player and XCOM enthusiast. He streams both games multiple times a week on so if you like either, feel free to visit!

Amy is a cosplayer, mom, and she has a cute dog she will totally show you a picture of if you ask. She dabbles in lots of crafting mediums, makes props, sells huge plush dice and has done a handful of costume commissions.