The Black Piper


The Black Piper is a group of modern film and game composers that specializes in designing original soundtracks for beloved literary properties. We take scenes from the pages of bestselling novels and create original music that taps into the epic and the emotional with powerful, sweeping orchestras; heart-stopping vocals; subtly beautiful winds; and thundering percussion.

Our composers have collectively worked on such titles as Star Wars, The Mandalorian, and Fantastic Beasts, and as avid F/SF fans, we are focused on producing modern, cinematic soundtracks inspired by fantasy and science fiction literature.

Our initial offering, Kaladin, reached #6 on Google Play’s Top Film Score Playlist in 2018, next to Moana, TRON, and just beating LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring.

We look to the future by pursuing the best industry talent and marrying it with great stories to design unforgettable musical experiences. Our mission is to bring into the world new and memorable soundtracks for the modern epic — we aim to reimagine what a soundtrack can be.