Nov 23, 2021

Other Events

Crafty Games Demos

  9 AM - 6:30 PM
Game Room, L1 Exhibit Hall C

A Crafty Games representative will be hosting demos of Mistborn: House War and the Mistborn Adventure Game. Come learn how to play!

1-2:15pm – Mistborn Adventure Game Primer
2:30-4pm – Mistborn: House War (board game)
4:30-6:45pm – “Thieves in the Ninth House” (Mistborn Adventure Game)

9-10:30am – Mistborn: House War (board game)
11am-12:30pm – Mistborn Adventure Game Primer
1:30-3pm – Mistborn: The Siege of Luthadel (board game)
3:30-6:30pm – “The Nobleman’s Daughter” (Mistborn Adventure Game)